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Door opening € 50*

Locked out?

Door lock damaged, jammed?

Door lock change?

Key lost?

Key broken?​​

• the door is not locked, but only fallen (drawn)

• The key is still inside the lock

• 95% of all orders fall into this category

• 99.9% damage-free door opening

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Your specialists for security services and locksmiths in Vienna and the surrounding area

Since we opened our doors in 1993, key docs have associated a high level of quality and professionalism. This is due to our joint efforts to maintain a good relationship with the residents of Vienna and to continuously improve our services.

24h key emergency service in Vienna

The key emergency service - "Schlüsseldoc" in Vienna is a reputable and reliable key service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. House and apartment doors can be opened in a gentle way.

Schlüsseldoc - your locksmith in Vienna

Suddenly it happens: With all caution, the door has closed. Time for the key emergency service. Perhaps the key was even lost, then it does not remain with a door opening, it is also advisable to change the lock. If you prepare yourself for such emergencies and look for a reputable and reliable locksmith before you need to open a door or replace a lock, you will save yourself stress and further trouble. Just save it under "Schlüsseldoc" in your cell phone. In an emergency, you already have one less worry.

Door opening and lock change
without horror costs

The stories are well known: you need the locksmith for opening the door and replacing the lock, and you end up with a rip-off company, a dubious key emergency service who wants to profit from the situation and demands absolutely excessive prices. Your locksmith - Schlüsseldoc in Vienna is not only available for you around the clock. He gives you the price for opening the door and changing the lock, when you can expect to arrive and tells you whether or how much travel costs will be incurred. Should the emergency locksmith services ask you for your ID or apartment details, this is done for your protection. Every time the door is opened and the lock is changed, it must be ensured that the client is authorized to do so by the locksmith.

Small locks opened quickly

A door opening is only part of our business. Your key emergency service is also there for small locks. You can count on our help if the mailbox key is broken or a cassette remains locked. We also offer a lock exchange for small containers. In such cases, the key service staff are also entitled to request proof of legality. Your affairs should remain confidential, not only if you need to make urgent use of the key emergency service, but also when changing preventive locks. You are in good hands with the reputable locksmith here!

Protect your property!

We offer more than a key emergency service and lock change! Especially when it comes to your personal security and the protection of your property, we are at your side for advice and execution. A change of lock is of course primarily appropriate if a key is lost or even stolen. In addition, it makes sense to replace outdated systems with lock replacement. Sometimes insurance companies are required not only to change the lock, but also to take other measures with regard to the policy for your valuable household, your art or collector's items. In addition to the required lock replacement, this includes the installation of security systems for cellar shafts, windows and patio doors.

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