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Was ist eine Schließanlage?

A master key locking system is a locking system consisting of several cylinder locks, in which each cylinder is individually set. In contrast to conventional locking systems with the same key, you can determine which key opens which lock. In addition to a general key that opens all cylinders, there are also individually set keys that only open certain cylinders.

In practice it looks like this: You own a hotel with a total of 10 doors, of which you can open each door with a master key. This includes your office with a money safe, which nobody but you are allowed to enter. Your hotel also has a breakfast room and 8 rooms for guests. In this case, each guest needs an individual key for the booked room. There is also another key for the cleaning lady, who is allowed to enter all of the guests' rooms, and a key for the cook, who unlocks the breakfast room every morning.

So that you don't have to carry 10 keys with you when you want to open one of the doors, your hotel definitely needs a locking system. A locking system is part of the standard for larger objects such as office buildings with several employees. Locking systems are also becoming more important in the private sector.

Another practical example: You have a single-family house with 5 doors, consisting of an apartment door, cellar door, workshop, garden shed and storage room. In addition to your wife, two children and two cats live in your house. Good news, cats don't need keys, but your children and wife do. They have fixed rules in the house - the children have no business in the workshop and basement because they can plunge down the stairs in the dark. So that your wife and you do not have to carry five keys on the keychain, you decide to install a small locking system. You also want to have another key made for the cleaning lady so that she has access to the basement, garden shed and storage room.

By the way, masterkey locking systems can not only be used with typical double profile cylinders and half cylinders. Most systems include padlocks and different closet and mailbox locks. This way, very different ideas can be realized and the idea of ​​simplifying everyday life comes closer and closer. A locking system will therefore become increasingly important in the future, and not only in commercial use.

The general master key in particular must be protected from the simple key. If you leave your key unattended, it can quickly fall into the wrong hands. In the best case, the malefactor should not be able to do anything with the key. In other words, the copying of the key after printing must be completely prevented, but the creation of so-called copies according to the universal blank must also be excluded. There are several points to watch out for when choosing a system.

Most master key system systems are equipped with a security card. This is assigned per locking system or per group and only on this basis can duplicate keys be made directly at the manufacturer. This ensures that the keys can only be obtained in this way. This way you can be sure that your tenant or employee will not make any further unauthorized copies of the apartment key. But is it really so? Can the keys equipped with a security card really be copied?
Technological progress never stops, and today it is actually possible to scan most of the keys in a master key system and cut them into a universal blank. Such a duplicate naturally does not replace the original key, but it can function as a normal key. Of course, this represents several clear advantages for the user, for you as a plant owner it is a disaster.

If you really want to use copy-protected keys, a few models of the locking cylinders of the highest security class are recommended. These usually cost more, but offer breathtaking technology and extremely high security. The keys are equipped with a particularly heavy 3D profile that cannot be captured by conventional copying machines. Some manufacturers go one step further and use additional protective mechanisms that are technically almost impossible to copy, such as. Magnetic plates, floating plates, floating rings and much more ..