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How does a reliable security service behave in Vienna?

First things first ...

A serious security service is available to answer your questions in your predicament. Black sharp, on the other hand, are only interested in profit!

There are countless people in Vienna every day who need help from a security service because they have locked themselves out and can no longer open their own apartment door. That's why the door opening business is huge in Austria / Vienna and that's exactly why there are many black sheep on the market. So it can quickly happen that a dubious security service charges 700 euros and more for the journey and the services performed.

Before you get into such a hassle, you should rather save the number from the KeyDoc.

Find out how you can best act with a reputable unlocking service if you have lost your key in Vienna or have locked yourself out here:

What is to be considered

Stay calm for now and do not panic, this is counterproductive and does not help anyone. Get advice from our reputable emergency services on the phone free of charge.

What happened?

A serious security service always asks about the facts.

  • did you lock yourself out,

  • the door has closed,

  • is your lock broken or

  • did you accidentally break the key in the lock?

All of these questions are very important factors in the Vienna metropolitan area. So tell our employee what exactly happened.

Next, the geographic location is important. Where exactly is the mishap?

  • Which district / place are you in?

The golden tip of a reputable security service ....

Especially if you have lost your key at night and also at the weekend, it can often be cheaper to stay in a hotel or with friends and to call our reputable unlocking service the next working day. Your Vienna locksmith - KeyDoc has serious, honest and transparent fixed prices, which can also be seen online. Because especially on weekends and at night, many dubious unlocking services push the price extremely high.

In addition, you should also not contact the first unlocking service, which is recommended to you by phone information or Google, and should not be influenced by large outdoor advertising in the selection. Just because you have seen an advertisement for a security service company or heard it on the radio does not mean that they also work seriously. These companies often take the highest prices because the advertising has to be refinanced again. Compare before you hire a security guard!

This stuff is like gold around here, you know!

Do not worry

With KeyDoc you don't have to expect disproportionate costs. Known as a serious security service in Vienna, we will definitely not take advantage of your emergency situation and open your door cheaply at the best price.

How long do I have to wait for the reliable security service?

Thanks to our wide-ranging Vienna fleet team, we can offer you short travel times combined with affordable best prices. Dubious unlocking services usually require disproportionately high separate costs for the journey, which are not justified. So for example, luckily at KeyDoc - your local locksmith service in Vienna the arrival and departure are already included in the prices.

Damage-free and quick door opening

After our technician has arrived on site and asked for your ID, you can start with the damage-free door opening. In 99% of cases, the door is opened quickly. Sometimes there may be delays due to rubber seals or idiosyncratic attempts to open the door.

Attention: A reputable unlocking service would never charge you an extra surcharge for rubber seals or a security fitting!

Attention: If the door is only closed, there is no need to change the lock to open the door! Untrustworthy locksmiths are always horny for profit and therefore want to demolish your old lock, all the more so afterwards a new, poorer quality cylinder, at a high price, to "push it inside"!

Door opening needs to be learned

As a reputable specialist company in Vienna, which has been in existence since 1993, we are constantly training ourselves. With our know-how, we open every door without damage. Our honest, reputable, reliable and customer-oriented way of working are the guarantee for an even more satisfied customer.

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