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door closer with quality

ideal for front door or entrance doors

A door closer is a door fitting that is responsible for the safe and, above all, automatic closing of a door. This means that thanks to the door closer, the door closes automatically without having to lend a hand. The door closer thus supports the door in its original sense and purpose, which is: to grant entry, exit and passage. There are a whole range of door closer types today that do their job with different locking mechanisms.

Repair of door closer

talent obligates

  • your door closer is getting old??

  • it no longer closes??

  • slams loudly?

No problem for the KeyDoc team. Our trained employees specialize in all common door closers. Our customers, especially Viennese property managers, have been relying on us for decades.

We don't reassemble right away, but try to save the old door closer. So we have earned a good name as a Viennese locksmith.


Whatever the work, we take care of it. Feel free to contact us.